Tattoo Laser Removal – How it Works

Having you being rethinking your ink lately?  LDM Skin & Beauty has a specialty in removing part or all of your tattoos.

Need to more information before you commit? Renee Lincoln, owner and laser removal specialist, answer some of your top questions.

How many treatments are required to remove a tattoo? – The size and colour(s) of the tattoos will dictate how many treatments you can have.

How long does it take?  Each procedure lasts between 15-60 minutes.

How often can you get treatments? You can only have a treatment once every four weeks.

Does it hurt? Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but pain recovery from treatment is instant.  Some people compare pain feeling like a sunburn post treatment, but it fades immediately following treatment.

How does it work? Ink comes out of your body for up to two years.  We are smashing particles so the body can do its job – that is lymphatic system naturally flushes/releases the ink.

How many treatments will I need?  This will depend on the how elaborate your tattoos are and the size.  Smaller tattoos generally take 6-10 treatments. LDM Skin & Beauty can estimate the number of treatments after an initial consultation.

Do I need to keep coming regularly until the tattoo is gone? No, you can stop and start whenever you want at LDM Skin & Beauty.  There are no lock-in  contracts, you just pay for each session as you have it.

Every day is a fresh new start and you can start with a blank canvas when you remove unwanted tattoos.  The caring team at LDM Skin & Beauty want to help you with your new beginning through our professional laser tattoo removal procedure.

The first consultation is complimentary 

Call LDM Skin & Beauty now to make an appointment for your no obligation consultation in lovely rooms tucked away on Gallery level of Springett’s Arcade.  Call them now on 0430 575 741 to book your complimentary consultation.  Check out the new and improved website in line with their new name – but same great service! Visit their new website and learn more here.

Below are images of tattoo after treatment (it’s called frosting) and the final results.  Sterile bandages are provided after each treatment.



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